What Are Some Fun Things to Put in Raffle Baskets?


Ideas for raffle basket items include gift cards, experiences and products related to a particular theme. Theme ideas include pampering, reading, sports, hobbies and food.

A theme for the raffle basket helps tie together all of the components, making it an appealing bundle for the raffle participants. The theme also makes it easier to come up with ideas to include in the basket. The more items included in the basket, the more appealing it becomes.

The container itself can become part of the prize and help create the theme. Examples include an aquarium for a fish theme, a cooler to represent a camping theme, a duffel bag to express a sports theme or a large mixing bowl for a food theme. The size of the container helps determine the number and size of items to include. A large container such as a cooler needs more items or a few large items inside to make it look full and appealing. The size of a small container such as a mixing bowl limits the size and number of food items that go in it.

A mixture of physical items and gift cards creates balance in the raffle basket contents. An example is including a gift card to a local spa with a basket of towels, nail polish, candles, foot scrubs and a CD of relaxing music. The winner gets actual products to take home plus the future experience of the spa treatment.