What Are Some Fun Team Building Activities?


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Fun team building activities include the life highlights game, coin logo and two truths and a lie. Team building activities help to encourage team work and improve productivity and performance at work.

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What Are Some Fun Team Building Activities?
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The life highlights game takes about 30 minutes and requires the participants to close their eyes and reflect on the best moments of their lives. The highlights are then narrowed down to the best 30 seconds of each participant’s life to be shared at the end of the activity. This helps employees to reflect on their lives and understand each other’s personalities, loves and passions.

The coin logo activity takes about 10 minutes and participants are required to make individual logos using the contents of their wallets, purses or pockets. Larger groups can be divided into small teams to create team logos. Each participant or group explains the inspiration and reason behind their logo to the rest of the group at the end of the exercise. The exercise helps to promote mutual awareness and self-awareness, as well as helps participants to understand each other better.

Lastly, the two truths and a lie game takes about 30 minutes and requires participants to write down one lie and two truths about themselves. Next, the participants mingle and quiz each other on their responses. They are then assembled and each participant is asked to read out their two truths and a lie. The object of the game is to guess each participant’s lie. This activity helps to foster effective communication.

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