What Are Some Fun Retail Window Display Ideas?


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Some fun retail window displays are based on seasons, holidays or enhanced by a lighting scheme. Some other ideas include singling out one idea or product type in a clever way or decorating using a particular theme, such as the beach or a sparkly display for jewelry.

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Some fun seasonal displays incorporate a color palette that mimics the colors of the season, such as gold, red and brown for autumn or white and blue for winter. Each season has one or more holidays, and depending on the store, it is easy to incorporate holiday designs or imagery. For example, a clothing store display around New Years incorporates cocktail clothing on mannequins that hold champagne glasses or party poppers and wear party hats with the number of the upcoming year.

One way to use lights to create a fun display is by incorporating white string lights for a holiday or romantic feel. Using spotlights or camera lights infers a sense of drama and focuses the eye on what the light hits. Lights of varied colors are more fun For youthful displays, while moving lights suggest a party or entertainment setting.

Other themes to consider are wedding displays, environmentally focused displays or a technology focused display. If showcasing jewelry or sequins, the rest of the display is silver or gold with large fake gemstones and twinkling white lights placed randomly around the products. Another idea is to design around a concept, such as focusing on popular resolutions around New Years such as exercising more or becoming better organized.

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