What Are Some Fun Employee Awards Ideas?

A list of fun award ideas on eHow.com suggests a Pit Bull Award for an employee who shows exceptional determination and a Baby's Bottom Award to recognize a worker who can smoothly calm tensions in difficult situations. PRWeb.com suggests a Houdini Award for an office's best escape artist.

PRWeb.com also suggests some awards that make fun of employees, such as a Deer in the Headlights Award for a team's most easily confounded member. The site recommends considering an individual employee's temperament and sense of humor and avoid presenting an award that may embarrass the employee.

As of 2015, FunAwards.com sells an e-book that includes 101 printable funny award certificates; seven sample certificates are also available on for download the site. Employers can use these awards in an employee awards ceremony to bring fun and humor to the event.

Washington.edu provides a list of employee recognition ideas that suggests hosting a surprise picnic for employees, celebrating the completion of a project with ice cream sundaes for the entire team, and making a recognition banner to hang in the office. The site includes 59 free ideas that can help employers integrate employee recognition into their daily routines in order to boost morale and motivate employees.