What Are Some "Free Fridays" Promotions?

What Are Some "Free Fridays" Promotions?

Some digital "Free Fridays" promotions available over the Web include a free ebook from Barnes and Noble and a free Motion Books title from Madefire. Brick-and-mortar Friday giveaway promotions tend to be regional, such as free admission to various cultural sites and museums in Massachusetts.

The NOOK Blog at the Barnes and Noble website gives away a free ebook each Friday. A free app for children is also offered. Visitors must go through the standard checkout process to get the book and app, and the price is only set to "free" for a limited time each week.

Madefire offers a digital comic or graphic novel from their library each week on Friday. The company makes motion books for many major licensed properties such as Batman, Superman, Hellboy, My Little Pony and Star Trek.

Pufrock Press, an educational publisher that specializes in materials for children with special needs, offers a free weekly download on Friday. Some examples of previous downloads include logic puzzles and book samples.

The Kroger chain of grocery stores sometimes offers a "Free Friday" coupon download through their website. The coupon is loaded to the shopper's club card and allows them to get a specific free product for a limited time.