How Frequently Are ClickSafety OSHA 30 Safety Courses Offered?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration 30-hour course offered by ClickSafety is available online and is accessible at anytime, explains ClickSafety. The course is available for purchase through the ClickSafety website and is located under the Browse Courses tab.

ClickSafety offers the 30-hour construction course, which is an OSHA-authorized training program that prepares students to receive an OSHA 30-hour card. Students receive three continuing education credits upon completion of the course, reports ClickSafety.

This OSHA course covers topics such as welding and cutting, electrical safety, materials handling and safety, and the use of explosives in the workplace. This course also covers excavations and record keeping, according to the National Safety Council. OSHA designed this course for construction workers with a higher level of safety responsibility. An OSHA 10-hour Hazard Awareness course is also available for entry-level construction workers.

In addition to the construction courses, there are also maritime and general industry classes as well as classes for disaster site workers, according to OSHA. These outreach classes are available online or through OSHA training institute education centers. These education centers are nonprofit organizations that OSHA has authorized to teach training classes. Courses are also offered via OSHA consultation offices and authorized training organizations. Prospective students can visit to find upcoming training dates and locations.