How Do You Freeze Your Social Security Number With a Credit Bureau?


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Apply a security freeze on a personal credit report by applying online, by phone or mail with all three credit bureaus, states TransUnion. Security freezes remain in effect until a request for a temporary or permanent removal is filed, as regulated by federal law.

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To be effective, a credit freeze should be applied to the all three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. To successfully freeze a social security number, one needs to visit each credit agency's service center, create a profile and fill out the required personal information. A fee of $10 may be required to process the request with each credit bureau, as deemed by each state as of 2015. If the applicant is a victim of credit fraud, agencies request that a security freeze be placed by mail with an attached copy of the police report in order to qualify for a free freeze and free credit monitoring services, states TransUnion.

As of 2015, security freezes can be temporarily lifted when extensions of credit are needed, however, fees of up to $10 may apply, claims TransUnion. Temporary lifts and removals can be requested in the same manner as security freezes, by mail, phone or online for each credit bureau.

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