What Is a Freelance Writer?


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A freelance writer is a person who writes articles or other documents and sells them to multiple clients on a contracted basis. This work structure is distinct from staff employment, where a person writes for one employer and receives a regular paycheck for the job.

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A freelance writer is self-employed. Self-employment means the freelancer is personally responsible for finding clients, getting work, submitting documents and collecting payments. One advantage of freelance is that the writer has flexibility in scheduling and work. A freelance writer isn't bound to a traditional 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. workday. Some people also prefer the diversity of writing projects in freelance work to writing similar types of items for a single employer. Freelancers also have the ability to set their own rates for projects. Freelance writers have mobility, in that they can work anywhere and electronically send their articles to clients.

Lack of stability and regular income are concerns for freelance writers. If a person doesn't have steady clients and writing projects, it is possible to achieve little to no income for a period of time.

Freelance writers work for many types of print and digital clients, including print newspapers, traditional magazines, websites, digital newspapers, online magazines and electronic media providers.

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