What Is a Freelance Musician?


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A freelance musician is a professional musician who is self employed. Freelance musicians often take a variety of different jobs playing in local bands or orchestras, teaching music or playing solo gigs, as reported in a January 2014 article on the Minnesota Public Radio website.

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As self-employed workers, freelance musicians are responsible for promoting themselves to find work. They should have resumes, bios and clips of their work readily available to show to prospective clients. They should also use promotional tools such as professional websites and business cards, according to Majoring in Music, a resource website for music students. Many newer musicians play for free for experience in order to find more work later on.

Because the nature of freelance music work is often unstable, musicians must often wear a lot of different hats. They often take on both performance and teaching roles, and many also do work that is not related to music at all in order to make ends meet. Musicians can also create their own work by organizing concerts or recitals. It can take some time to establish a career as a freelance musician, especially in a new city. Musicians may want to get involved in local music schools and programs in order to network with other musicians and learn about opportunities in the area.

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