What Is the Freedom Eagle Cash Card?


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The Freedom Eagle Cash Card is a pay-as-you-go card that allows users the convenience of a debit card without having to maintain a traditional checking account, explains the Card Smart website. As of 2015, card users can load the card with up to 650 pounds sterling, and 3,000 if they have a personalized card.

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The Freedom Eagle Cash Card is the first retail-issue, fully reloadable, embossed, prepaid card available in the United Kingdom that features chip and pin security, according to the Money Facts website. It is accepted at locations all over the world, including over 1.5 million ATMs that have the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

As of 2015, this card has an initial purchase fee of 9.99 pounds sterling, but there is no monthly fee, and it remains valid for 3 years after verification, according to Card Smart. The fee for loading money on the card varies depending on how the user adds money, continues the website. Users can choose between adding money online, at the post office, or with a wages or bank transfer.

This card is available to users over 18 years of age, reports Money Facts, and it can help users improve credit ratings for free with Credit Booster.

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