What Are Franklin Templeton Funds?


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Franklin Templeton Investments offers mutual funds to retail investors, such as no-load mutual funds and closed-end mutual funds. Franklin Templeton packages stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies into one investment fund, and investors can buy and sell shares of that fund, according to the company website.

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As of 2015, Franklin Templeton?s portfolio of mutual funds exceeds 200 no-load funds and seven closed-end funds. The company offers a diverse selection of funds ranging from exchange-traded funds to fixed-income securities. Mutual fund managers continuously add or remove stocks, bonds or commodities from funds to meet investor expectations. For example, the goal of a fixed-income mutual fund may be to generate a steady stream of income from the rise in price of the fund?s underlying assets, and a fund manager adds or removes assets to meet that goal, explains Franklin Templeton Investments.

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