Who Founded LA Weight Loss?

founded-la-weight-loss Credit: Monty Rakusen/Getty Images

According to Nexslim Medical Weight Loss, the company's current Vice Chairman, Scott Moyer, founded the company that eventually became LA Weight Loss Centers. Nexslim asserts that Mr. Moyer helped pioneer the "Before and After" type advertising photos that have become standard in the weight loss industry.

WebMD reports that although the company split into various franchises four years ago, LA Weight Loss Centers were originally founded in 1989. WebMD goes on to say that the company's diet plan appealed to people who were looking for quick and easy ways to lose weight that felt more like a way of life than a simple diet that ends at some point. One of the main components of the program was personalized coaching and eating plans as well as the ability to eat all types of food from the supermarket in moderation.