What Are Some Forms Used in the Human Resources Department?

What Are Some Forms Used in the Human Resources Department?

Human resource departments use forms to collect employee information including emergency contacts, leave of absence applications, status and address changes, time sheets, and bank details for payroll. More data is captured using candidate evaluation forms, employment applications, surveys, new employee onboarding checklists and performance reviews.

As part of the executive arm of a company, the human resource department hires, trains, develops staff and disciplines or dismisses them. These processes and functions are effectively captured and documented using forms such as compensation, reimbursement and personnel information. These include benefits and emergency contact forms for details of the next of kin.

Human resource departments use surveys and role audits to identify and meet training needs of existing staff or create new positions. They check on employee welfare and team work using performance review forms. Employees also fill out their details, sign contracts and forms to commit to policies and procedures in place. Human resource managers also conduct workplace investigations using incident report forms to resolve employee disputes and complaints.

Performance review forms and surveys determine employee needs for training and development. All the forms are part of an employee's file and provide information for reference letters or promotion decisions.

The human resource department tracks and manages employees working hours using timesheets and leave forms. These forms aid in making decisions for overtime remuneration, employee replacements or shifts management.

Human resource managers use retirement application forms to provide guidance and direction for employee compensation plans. Retirement benefits application forms help in developing compensation plans aligned with performance and duration of service often used in negotiations for health care benefits.