What Forms Do You Need When Selling a House?

Forms required for selling a home include a property disclosure form, sales contract, sales contract contingency clauses, purchasers access to premises agreement, pre- and post-occupancy agreements and disclosure pamphlets regarding the use of lead paint in the home. In preparation for a home sale, there should be at least two copies of each of these documents made, according to ForSaleByOwner.com. In addition to these standard selling documents, some state and local regulations may require additional documentation before a house can sell.

Property disclosure forms are documents that alert prospective home buyers to any issues with the property, according to Realtor.org. Disclosure requirements may vary depending on state and local requirements, so homeowners should check with their state governments for a complete list of what to include.

The purchasers access to premises agreement is a legal document that grants permission to certain parties to access the property before it is sold such as real estate agents, prospective buyers and repair people. The sales contract is the formal written agreement between homeowner and buyer. Different realtors and agencies may require certain forms for their contracts, and attachments to the contract outlining any contingencies should also be included. Pre- and post-occupancy agreements are written arrangements between the buyer and seller that set costs and a move-in date for occupancy. Lastly, homes constructed before 1978, the year in which lead paint was banned, must have a lead paint disclosure notice.