How Do You Format a Resume?


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Your resume must include your contact information and a detailed summary of your job experience, including your job title, location and dates worked. It should also include a list of relevant skills and details regarding your education. This information can be listed in chronological, functional or a combined format.

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  1. Add contact information and optional sections based on your experience and career path

    Add your contact information to the upper-left-hand margin of the document. Then, decide whether or not you want to include an objective, career summary or personal achievements section. These sections are purely optional and dependent on the job you are applying for as well as your job experience.

  2. Enter your job experience

    Enter your work history in chronological order. List the positions you held and the companies you have worked for, along with the dates of your employment and a bulleted list of your achievements and responsibilities. List the company’s name first, with your dates of employment below or on the opposite margin, and then construct your bulleted summary below the employment dates.

  3. Enter your education and relevant skills

    Under your work history, create an education section to list the schools you attended, the degrees you earned and any special honors or awards you attained. Below the education section, create a skills section to highlight all of your skills relative to the position or industry.

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