How Do You Format a Press Release?


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Format a press release by placing the publication date at the top, followed by a headline describing the purpose for the release and the date and location of the publishing company. The body of the release consists of several paragraphs elaborating on the headline, including relevant details and statistics as necessary, and a closing section that includes information about the company and the contact information for it's press agent.

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Press releases allow companies to publicize major events by sending its own news article to relevant press agencies within its industry, giving the company direct control over its content and tone. The formatting for a press release begins with its publication note at the upper-left corner of the page. This appears either as "For Immediate Release" if the article can go out upon receipt, or "Hold For Release Until" along with the date of safe publication. Below this statement is the headline for the press release, which functions in the same manner as the headline for any other type of article.

After the location and date information for event or action, the press release proceeds with the body section. This area should use the same formatting as a news article, placing the most important details in the first paragraph and featuring less important content as the paragraphs continue. This typically appears in third person and covers all the necessary information to convey the companies message. The end of the release needs a short description of the company, its contact information and the phrase "End."

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