How Do You Format Job Descriptions?

How Do You Format Job Descriptions?

Job descriptions should be formatted to focus concisely on the job title, duties, competencies and skills, relationships and the salary. The job description should both describe the job and where it fits within the company structure as well as serve as the basis for the employment contract itself.

The job title should accurately convey what the job is about. It should not be exaggerated and should reflect the job's place within the overall company. The title should be self-explanatory and also similar to equivalent positions at other organizations. Titles such as "Parking Inspector" are good examples because the applicant knows what he will need to do and can compare this job to other parking inspector jobs very easily.

The job duties should explain what the applicant will need to do and how much of his time will typically be required for each duty. The description should be brief and informative for each duty.

Skills and competencies should be separate parts of the description, with skills allowing the applicant to describe what he has learned from previous employment and competencies reflecting what he will need to know or learn for the position advertised.

The description should convey what the hierarchy of work relationships at the job is. This can be conveyed through an organizational chart.

The salary section should have a range instead of one specific number. This allows the employer to account for education and experience. The range should be competitive with similar jobs.