How Do You Format an Invoice for Services Rendered?


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Invoices for services rendered should contain all the information necessary for the recipient to know who performed the work, the type of work done, the rate and how to pay the invoice. The format of the invoice may vary, but should present this information clearly and concisely.

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An invoice for services rendered contains the vendor's contact information, usually at the top, as well as the address of the entity being billed. As many companies go through a purchase order process to have work approved, the purchase order or billing number should also appear prominently along with an invoice number.

A breakdown of the tasks completed or the type of work performed generally appears in the middle section and contains a category, description, hourly rate, number of hours and total charge per category or time period. At the bottom of the breakdown, the total due should appear after the subtotal of the line item charges and any other charges, minus any discounts or pre-payments. Finally, the terms for payment, such as payable upon receipt or net due in 30 days, appears toward the bottom along with whether it should be cash, check, card or electronic transfer of funds.

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