How Do You Format an Employee Welcome Letter?


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Begin a letter to a new employee with an informal salutation and a statement of excitement about the employee's future with the company. Introduce yourself or the manager of the department and let the employee know who is training him.

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Include a sentence in the introductory paragraph with the employee's start date and a brief description of the day's activities. If there are any activities that the employee needs to make special plans for, such as a business lunch or hours outside of the general schedule, make special mention of it in the beginning of the letter. Introduce the next section as the detailed schedule for the first day.

Break down the first day into half-hour or hour segments with each task described beside the time. Take time to explain any instructions or information the employee may need for each task. In the next paragraph, give a less detailed description of what the second day involves.

End the letter with a personal welcome to the company. Offer time to the employee if he has questions or needs more information. Alert the employee to any incoming human resources documents he needs to prepare before the first day and provide contact information for the director of human resources. Finish with a signature line that includes your full name and title, the company's name, your email and phone number, and any relevant websites.

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