What Is the Format for a Company Profile?

format-company-profile Credit: Shannon Fagan/Stone/Getty Images

Items typically included in a business or corporate profile are: mission statement, leader’s message, summary of what the company does, company history, successes and milestones, awards and certifications, key personnel profiles, corporate governance, social responsibility, company culture and financial performance, as suggested by Word Nerds Writing and Editing of Belgrave, Australia. A company profile is an effective tool to introduce a business to prospective customers and colleagues.

The first item in the company profile is the mission statement, which gives the reason and purpose of existence of the company, Word Nerd describes. The leader’s message is a message from the chief executive officer or president. The company history details the history of the company, including its successes and challenges. The profile also should include a section providing more detail of the successes and milestones through case studies. Next, the profile should list the company’s awards and certifications, followed by profiles of the key personnel. The corporate governance section discusses how the company meets legal requirements. The social responsibility section outlines how the company meets the expectations and needs of its stakeholders. The company culture provides details of the outlook in regard to the work environment. Publicly traded companies include a financial performance section, providing the most recent financial information.

Word Nerd also recommends using the many resources and templates online and in the public library to help develop a company profile.