How Do You Format an Appeal?

When formatting an appeal, the individual should compose it in business style, use the opening paragraph as an introduction, include a summary of the relevant events, and include how he would like for the issue to be resolved, according to Chron. The appeal also states when an answer is needed and include a professional closing at the end. The writer includes his contact information at the very end of the letter.

Business-style format includes a header with an address, the date, and both the name and address of the recipient, notes Chron. The text is left-justified and includes a professional greeting. The opening paragraph introduces the writer of the appeal and the reason for the appeal.

When summarizing the relevant events related to the appeal, the facts are written briefly and in a manner that makes the reason for the appeal justified, according to Chron. To better ensure the appeal is read from beginning to end, only necessary facts should be included in the letter. The writer should also mention whether he's including additional documents with the appeal. When stating the desired outcome, the writer mentions previously neglected facts. The appeal's conclusion should also mention why an answer is needed by a certain date.