How Do You Format an Address Change Letter for a Business?

A change of address letter is sent to friends, relatives, businesses, and government agencies to advise them of you are moving to a new location. Properly timing these letters will ensure a smooth transition during the move and keep business operations from being impacted.

Once you have a moving date, you should begin to assemble your contacts and keep all incoming mail separate so you can stay in touch with those with whom you are in immediate contact.

Develop a simple and effective template with clean formatting and decide how to notify your contacts. A mass email is less personal but quick and easy for most non-business contacts.

If you are throwing a housewarming party, be sure to make the new address prominent and include a reminder for people to update their information for you.

Use your simple template to compose a brief letter to business associates and make this the only purpose of the letter so it is easier for them to update their records. As an alternative to a letter, you may send a printed postcard.

Be sure to notify your bank or credit union, update subscriptions and utilities and other creditors of your new address in time for your next statements to arrive. Fill out a change of address kit at your local post office to catch any mail sent to your old address and handle those situations with a call or letter.