How Do You Form an LLC in Colorado?


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The first step to form an LLC in Colorado is to file a document to establish a new record of business with the secretary of state’s office. The document requires you to submit the name of your prospective LLC with one of the following terms or abbreviations included: Limited Liability Company, LTD. Liability Company, Limited Liability Co. Ltd. Liability Co., Limited, L.L.C., LLC, Ltd.

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  1. File the name of your LLC with the secretary of state's office

    In addition to including one of the aforementioned abbreviations, you must submit a name that is distinguishable from the names of other businesses on file with the secretary of state’s office. Before submitting your name, check availability by searching the Colorado secretary of state business name database. After filing the name of your LLC, you may reserve the title for up to 120 days by submitting the Statement of Reservation of Name form with the Secretary of State’s Office.

  2. Appoint a registered agent

    Colorado LLC’s must possess an agent for service of process. Select a responsible agent, which can be an individual or business, for the purpose of accepting legal documents on your LLC’s behalf in the event it is sued. If appointing an individual to serve as your agent, he must be a full-time resident of Colorado. If you are choosing a business, the entity’s principal place of business must be in Colorado.

  3. File Articles of Organization

    Procure the Articles of Organization form from the Secretary of State’s website. Enter your name and address, along with the name and address of your LLC and registered agent. Detail whether your LLC is run by a sole manager or multiple members. Submit the document online or through the mail along with the $50 filing fee. If your LLC contains multiple members it must procure an IRS Employee Identification Number. If you are the only member of your LLC, you must procure an EIN only if you elect to have the LLC taxes as a corporation.

  4. File annual reports

    After forming your LLC, be sure to file periodic reports with the Colorado Secretary of State. These reports must be filed every year online at the Secretary of State's website.

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