How Do You Form a Booster Organization?


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To form a booster organization, get together a team of people that are able to help with the organization, and talk with school administration. From there,create a mission statement and apply for an EIN with the IRS, even if the booster club won't have employees. Booster clubs should consider becoming a 501(c)(3) organization to take advantage of tax benefits.

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Those involved in forming a booster club need to select a name for their organization. A couple options is best in order to ensure there's not another entity operating under the same name in the state the club is formed in. From there, a mission statement is created, and this statement states the overall purpose of the organization clearly and concisely. The mission statement defines who the organization is, why it exists and who benefits from the work.

The necessary paperwork for the Articles of Incorporation is completed and filed with the state.Some states require a small filing fees, but this document is necessary to give the booster club legal recognition of the organization. Bylaws are necessary as this explains how the entity runs on a daily basis. The Bylaws also explain the responsibility of the entity's board, officers and committee heads.

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