Is a Forklift Code Like a VIN for a Car or Truck?


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A forklift code is not like a vehicle identification number (VIN) because the forklift code simply describes characteristics, such as the position of the truck, pallet or platform, of a specific class of forklift. The 17 digits of a VIN identifies additional details as where a vehicle came from, what model year it is, what types of airbags it has and what make it is.

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There are seven classes of forklifts, and they each have specific types of engines, tiresand uses. Within each class are lift code numbers, and these codes additionally specify the type of forklift, such as whether it's designed for the driver to sit down or stand up, how many wheels it has, how it loads, such as from the side or from lifting up high, and other characteristics. Different forklifts within the same class can have the same lift codes as well.

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