How Do You Get a Forklift Certification?


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Forklift certification requires candidates to complete and pass a forklift training program. Programs may be offered through employers or through schools, which sometimes offer graduates aid in finding employment.

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Forklifts are not difficult to operate but they do require training, pratice and regular review of skills to operate safely. When operated properly, a forklift possess little risk to safety, but if operated in an unsafe manner, a forklift has the potential to cause serious damage, injuries or death. Forklift certification training includes learning the parts of a forklift, a circle check, changing batteries or fuel, learning to ensure trailers are properly chocked and secured, learning how to react in the case of tip over and other safety topics. Techniques to effectively navigate a forklift and manipulate loads are covered as well.

A forklift has a maximum capacity at ground level that decreases as a load rises. This capacity is printed on every forklift. When lifting items at the very top of its vertical range, a forklift is quite unstable and must not move abruptly. If a forklift tips over in a situation like this or in the case of a forklift falling through the side of a trailer or off of a loading dock, it is always advisable for the operator to stay within the cage, lean away from the direction of the fall and never attempt to jump. Many fatalities have been attributed to workers being crushed upon attempting to jump out of tipping forklifts.

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