What Is the Forex Website?

Forex.com exists so retail investors can buy or sell foreign currencies through a foreign exchange, according to Forex.com. As of 2015, traders may buy or sell various currencies 24 hours per day, from 5 p.m. EST Sunday through 5 p.m. EST the following Friday. Retail traders can place orders during some American holidays when banks close as well. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the National Futures Association and the Securities and Exchange Commission regulate Forex.com.

Forex.com works with individual traders thanks to 24-hour customer service, automated sales that roll forward at the end of the trading day and daily payouts based on foreign exchange positions, notes Forex.com. To that end, Forex.com touts professional charting, transparent pricing, advanced trading tools and educational information that supports individual traders on the foreign exchange market. Traders make money based on interest rate differential between two currencies. For example, if the British pound has a higher interest rate than the Japanese yen, the trader makes money if the person made a favorable trade between the currencies.

Foreign currencies trade on an open market in similar fashion to company stocks, government bonds and commodities, notes Forex Capital Markets. A supply increase or demand decrease may cause a currency's value to drop, while a decrease in supply and increase in demand could make a currency's value rise. Foreign exchange traders can make or lose money at any time based on the values of currency during a particular trading day.