What Is a Forestry Technician?


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A forestry technician, or forester, is a professional ranger, arborist and wilderness manager who keeps a given range of forest in good condition for select use by humans and for the animals who depend on it as a habitat. Forestry technicians work outside in all seasons and help to prevent treeborne illnesses, insect infestations, illegal hunting and other menaces forests may face.

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Forestry technicians develop a broad base of knowledge for flora and fauna in the area for which they are responsible. This allows them to keep careful watch on the health of the ecosystem for which they are responsible and to take steps to fight overgrowth and disease.

Human and animal interaction is indirectly part of the job of most forestry technicians. They have to work to keep human recreation areas free of wildlife interference and to keep humans from wandering into dangerous parts of the forest where large and potentially harmful or deadly animals could become frightened and attack them.

Forestry technicians can help keep the risk of forest fires low by clearing brush and ensuring that deadfall does not build up over time and create a tinder bed which will allow fires to build heat and grow rapidly, spreading to the trees around them.

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