What Is a Forensic Scientist?


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A forensic scientist is a person who uses the scientific method to examine things that happened in the past in order to reach a verdict in the court of law. The scientific processes used by forensic scientists include mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and psychology.

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Forensic scientists often work alongside law enforcement officials and legal professionals to determine the innocence or guilt of a person being tried in court. They are an integral part of the crime-solving process, and their findings are often used as evidence. Forensic scientists also investigate other potential criminal activities, such as employee drug use, illegal drug use by athletes and unlawful environmental pollution.

It is important for forensic scientists to be unbiased and let the facts speak. They must be methodical and accurate in their work, as close attention to detail is a critical skill. After forensic scientists discover evidence, they must write a report that details everything concisely. For this reason, they must be articulate and able to explain complicated processes in layman's terms.

In order for a forensic scientist's testimony to be considered, the individual must be a reputable professional. They must have undeniable training, education and experience to be acknowledged as an expert witness in a trial.

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