What Does a Foreman Do?


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A foreman determines daily activities for employees, maintains personnel duties, enforces safety regulations and acts as a liaison between employees and upper management. Foremen usually work in construction, manufacturing or repair fields, and their duties vary depending on their jobs and industries.

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Foremen usually rank below managers, and above standard workers. Foremen pass down orders from upper management, but they may also be able to make decisions based on their own authority. Foremen do duties such as coordinating employee scheduling, planning the right number of workers for a job, deciding the order of tasks to be completed and ensuring that the proper equipment is available. If an employee has a question or concern, she speaks to the foreman.

Foremen often perform hiring and firing duties. They also tend to have a say in promotions and raises. If an employee is performing poorly, the foreman may issue her a warning or punishment. Foremen monitor employee performance, and they may provide performance reports to upper management. The foreman also prepares incident reports if there is an accident or other unforeseen circumstance.

It is usually up to the foreman to inspect a work area, and make sure there are no hazardous conditions. The foreman usually trains new employees, and teaches new skills as necessary. In a typical labor setting, management is rarely on site, so having a foreman is necessary.

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