How Do You Find Foreclosed Land for Sale?


Find foreclosed land and homes for sale by looking on the foreclosures sections of bank websites, such as and, as well as the foreclosures sections of general land search sites, such as and Also look on specialty foreclosure listings sites, such as

View all current foreclosed land owned by Bank of America by visiting the Real Estate Center page of the Home Loans and Mortgages section of its site as of March 2015. By clicking on the Foreclosures link, you can view both a slide show of recently foreclosed homes as well as browse all listings within a specific state. Each listing contains a picture of the property as well as a description of the bank's asking price and any special features of the land, such as included structures or resources.

The foreclosures section of features several search functions that allow you to narrow down the available listings to your specifications, and it also provides several articles that cover different aspects of searching for and purchasing foreclosed land. To search its listings, you first need to enter a city and state where you want to conduct the search before then choosing more detailed filters, such as price range, ZIP code and property type.