How Do You Take a Free Food Handler's Test?

State-specific food handler's tests are available for free through eFoodhandlers, and students who pass the test pay a fee for a printed wallet card, certificate or picture badge only when they receive a passing score, according to eFoodhandlers. The course is conducted online through video instruction, web-based tutorials, instruction manuals and Web links to other resources. The site provides students with food safety training that covers the core principles of food temperature control, cross contamination and personal hygiene.

Students register online by selecting their state, but eFoodhandlers certificates are not approved in all areas, including Florida, Alaska, Utah, the District of Columbia and Idaho, explains eFoodhandlers. Many other states do not have statewide requirements, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and New Hampshire, but in these states, individuals can complete the course for free for non-regulatory purposes. As of 2015, states such as California, Illinois, Arizona, Texas and West Virginia have approved the eFoodhandlers certification.

Many online food handler's tests are offered for a fee, but some organizations, such as Premier Food Safety, offer free practice tests in order to prepare for the exam, according to Premier Food Safety. Online users can link to different state resources to determine the regulatory requirements in their state. Additionally, the course specifics may vary based on locality within a state. For example, San Diego County has distinct requirements, and the California state Food Handler Cards are not valid within the county.