What Food Comes From the Rainforest?


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Several popular foods are grown in tropical rainforests, including bananas, acai berries, cocoa beans used in chocolate, coffee beans and cinnamon. Rainforest crops are big business. In the banana industry alone, crops contribute to $5 billion in trade each year as of 2014.

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Bananas are grown on tropical plantations. Banana farmers are increasingly more aware of the need to follow eco-friendly practices to sustain the rainforests and the banana trees. A fruit that has more recently become more popular in Western countries is the acai berry. These small, blue-colored berries are considered a super food by many. Acai berries contain antioxidants, proteins and minerals, and are a staple in the diet of the Amazonian people.

Cocoa beans are traditionally grown and cultivated under the shade of tropical trees in places such as Asia, West Africa and South America. The cocoa beans are processed and turned into delicious chocolate candy bars and other chocolate treats. Coffee beans are similar to cocoa beans in that they also grow in lush tropical forests in the same regions of the world. Coffee beans tend to be more flavorful when grown under forest shade. Cinnamon is a spice that grows in forests located in Indonesia and Sumatra.

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