How Do You Follow up on a Job Application?


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It is appropriate to follow up on a job application in person, by phone or by e-mail after submitting it. The important thing is to allow time between inquiries for the manager to review materials to avoid coming across as a pest.

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  1. Follow up after about one week

    The first follow-up call should come one week or 10 days after submission. This approach allows the manager the opportunity to go through applications received. An in-person visit is acceptable if you dropped off your materials in person. Dress professionally for a visit. Otherwise, a phone call or e-mail inquiry is acceptable. On the initial inquiry, an applicant reminds the manager of the submission, indicates a strong interest and asks about a timeline for an interview.

  2. Follow up after another two weeks

    The next follow-up attempt should come after two weeks. This approach gives the manager additional time, and helps protect against coming across as a nuisance. In some cases, a manager may direct a person to follow up at a specific time.

  3. Make a final contact

    If a person still hasn't received an interview call, it is acceptable to make one additional follow-up contact after another two weeks. Typically, if the process goes beyond this point, a decision is made, or the manager has opted not to interview the applicant.

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