What Are Some Flyer Design Ideas?


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One flyer design idea is to keep it simple; use a bold eye catching photo for the background, have a minimal block of color in the center, surround with a border, and place the information within. Another flyer idea is to design with a hand-crafted look, which portrays a more personal event or service.

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A flyer could be created using contrasting patterns to create a striking look. One way to create a flyer is to use geometric patterns and focus on symmetry and balance.

Choosing a color scheme or deciding on a color temperature creates a warm or cool feeling design. Using textured or rough paper with a print that resembles a woodblock creates an appealing flyer that appears hand crafted. Leading lines to draw the observer to parts of the flyer can be used. Flyers for photography could consist of several high quality pictures and a stylish font. Contrasting and unexpected color combinations can be used to attract attention to a flyer. A minimalist flyer can help one share his information in a non-distracting manner.

Creating a flyer with tear-off tabs may be ideal for posted flyers. Large type on flyers may help draw an audience in a more public place.

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