What Are the Florida Licensing Requirements for Handyman Services?


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Florida does not have a handyman's license or equivalent, so anyone can offer handyman services if they pay taxes on income earned. However, handymen can't perform certain tasks without a proper license.

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Since improper plumbing work presents a risk to both a home and its occupants, a number of plumbing tasks must be performed by licensed plumbers. However, handymen can perform simple tasks that don't require adding significant piping to the home. Learning local codes and knowing which tasks are forbidden by law is important for handymen.

Similarly, electrical work requires training and a license, so handymen need to ensure that they don't take on jobs they're not qualified to perform. Repairing both small and large appliances is typically allowed, but installing new electrical infrastructure likely violates state laws.

Construction work also requires proper licensing, and many tasks require local permitting. Improper work presents a risk to contractors, who can face criminal prosecution under Florida law. Homeowners who hire handymen as a means to avoid paying extra for licensed contractors also risk having their home deemed unsafe, and they might be forced to pay to have the home restored to its previous state in addition to paying for permits retroactively.

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