How Do You Fix Poor Credit so You Can Rent an Apartment?


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Fix poor credit by prioritizing the negative entries on your credit report and satisfying your debts by paying the balance or arranging a payment plan settlement with creditors. Raise your credit score by correcting any errors on your credit report and building positive credit relationships. Open a secured credit card account to rebuild poor credit more quickly through faithful and timely payment, as Forbes advises.

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Request a credit report, and review the entries. Dispute any errors to have the entries removed and the FICO score adjusted to reflect the correction, as recommended by MyFICO.com.

Renters view negative entries with varying degrees of concern. Medical collections and tardy credit card payments are not as likely to cause problems with renting an apartment as tax liens and utility payment delinquency, according to Credit.com. Arrange to pay utilities and judgments right away to remove most detrimental negative entries first.

Arrange a payment settlement or installment plan to pay the balance of credit card debt with the stipulation that satisfying the debt removes the creditor's entry from your credit report. If you have an open credit card account, after paying the balance, do not close the account. Having higher available credit than debt helps your credit score, as claimed by U.S. News and World Report.

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