How Do You Fix Your Credit Score?


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To fix your credit score, open a bank account, get a secured credit card, take out an installment loan and pay your student loans. Lastly, become an authorized user on a relative’s credit card.

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  1. Open a bank account

    Open a bank account with a bank that offers special accounts for people with bad credit. Your access to services may be limited until you rebuild your credit score.

  2. Obtain a secured credit card

    Use your bank account as collateral to get a secured credit card. Choose a card that does not charge an application fee but one that has low annual fees. Ensure that the card appears on your credit report.

  3. Apply for an installment loan

    Create a good relationship with your bank for a few months before applying for an installment loan. Ensure that the amount is small enough for you to repay on time. Make all your monthly payments on time. Do not use the loan for nonessentials.

  4. Pay off student loans

    Make paying off your student loans a priority. Your loans appear on your credit report once you start paying. Ensure that you make all your payments on time.

  5. Become an authorized user

    Leverage the good credit of a friend or relative by becoming an authorized user on their credit card. Ensure that they have a good payment record. Their credit card appears on your credit report and helps you rebuild your credit.

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