How Do You Fix Your Credit?

fix-credit Credit: LWA/Taxi/Getty Images

While there are no quick fixes for improving a credit score, there are steps to take to ensure that credit improves over time. According to myFICO, the first step is to make sure that the credit report is accurate and contains no incorrect late charges, delinquent accounts or any other negative items. Having an inaccurate item removed is one way to improve credit quickly.

If any errors are found, it's possible to have them removed by disputing them with the reporting agency and credit bureau. If there are any legitimate outstanding balances, they need to be paid off. Timely credit card payments are the key to improving credit. Setting up a payment reminder or an automatic payment are excellent ways to avoid late payments.

Reducing debt helps to improve credit over time. Avoid using a credit card if possible, and make regular payments to reduce how much is owed. Old credit problems don't impact a credit score as much as recent ones, so making timely payments steadily should improve credit standings over time. Take steps to avoid having an account sent to collections as the history remains on the credit report for seven years. Talking to a credit counselor or the credit card company is one way to get specific information that can help to improve a credit score.