What Are Five Work-From-Home Ideas for Retirees?


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Five work-from-home jobs for retirees are customer service representative, online mock juror, writer or editor, virtual assistant and tutor. Most of these jobs require equipment such as a computer with an Internet connection and a telephone.

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Some companies hire customer service representatives that work from home. These employees respond to customer calls on a dedicated telephone line, or they use their own computers to connect to the Internet and conduct customer chats to answer questions and solve problems. Law firms pay people to serve as online jurors during trial preparation. Lawyers present case information on a website, and jurors read the summaries or watch video presentations and respond to questions to help the lawyers prepare their cases. A virtual assistant is another computer-based job. Employers are usually business professionals who need help completing administrative tasks such as entering and updating data, arranging travel and conducting surveys.

Other jobs suitable for retirees working from home are writer, editor and tutor. Freelance writers are often in demand to create resumes, write promotional text and update technical material. Freelance editors review this type of writing to correct grammar and style errors and to meet the goals of the writing project. A tutor often works face-to-face with a student on a particular subject, though some tutors use tutoring websites to help students.

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