What Five Steps Should You Take to Become an Elementary School Teacher in Texas?


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The five steps to become an elementary school teacher in Texas include earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college, completing a teacher training program, passing certification exams, applying for official certification and submitting fingerprints. Although there are specific certifications required, elementary school teachers instruct general classes in core subjects that include math, English, history, science, reading and writing.

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Earning a bachelor’s degree is the first step to becoming an elementary school teacher in Texas, and Texas universities do not offer degrees in education. However, while earning a bachelor’s degree, it is important for potential teachers to take courses that are in a similar area to the subject they intend to teach. Completing a teacher training program is normally completed while earning a bachelor’s degree. This program includes a student teaching experience and provides a basic understanding of the classroom environment.

Passing certification exams requires passing every exam relevant to the applicable state. The exams vary depending on the teacher’s intended grade level and subject area. Applying for official certification is completed by submitting an application to the state. The final step requires undergoing a background check by submitting fingerprints. The fingerprinting requirement applies for teachers seeking a standard certificate, probationary certificate or temporary teaching certificate.

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