What Are Five Management Functions?

The five management functions include planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Without these functions, achieving success may be difficult as a company may lack direction and efficiency.

Understanding what each management function entails is the key to creating the right environment for success in any organization.

  1. Planning involves creating a framework that will help the company achieve its goals within a given period of time. The framework may involve marketing strategies, team building, long and short term goals among other things.
  2. Organizing involves mobilization of people and resources in order to achieve the plan in place. Each members of the team is assigned responsibilities most suited for them while resources are allocated according to need.
  3. Staffing entails searching, recruiting and training of employees. The manager must pick the most suitable candidates in order to work according to the goals or plans laid out.
  4. Leading entails providing motivation, giving instructions or guidance, facilitating communication and encouragement. The manager must be the head of the organization and provide a clear way of doing things to those under his or her leadership.
  5. Controlling involves making assessments and rethinking strategies. Management must put ceilings on certain operations while regulating others in order to ensure seamless productivity.