How Do You Get Your First Job?

How Do You Get Your First Job?

To get your first job, create a resume that includes your educational accomplishments, volunteer experiences and part-time or summer employment history. Fill out and distribute job applications, and respond to any offers that result.

  1. Create a resume

    Create a resume listing your educational history and any informal work or volunteer experience. Highlight your skills, and provide three references the employers can contact to verify your accomplishments. Include a copy of your resume with each application you submit.

  2. Fill out job applications

    To obtain job applications, visit employer websites and retail or office locations. Fill out each application completely. Include your home address, email address and phone number so any hiring manager can contact you for an interview. Apply for several jobs at once.

  3. Respond to interview offers

    Accept interview offers by phone or email, and set up interview appointments with hiring managers. Wear appropriate attire to each interview.

  4. Prepare for interviews

    To prepare for job interviews, rehearse any experiences that highlight your communication and problem-solving skills. Anticipate questions with well-crafted answers. If hiring managers ask which days you wish to work, remain flexible. Ask specific questions about the position to demonstrate your interest.

  5. Accept a job offer

    Accept job offers immediately. If declining an offer, send a short letter to the hiring managers by mail.