How Do You Fire an Employee?


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The first step in the process of firing an employee is to give him sufficient warnings that he is failing to meet the company's expectations. Assess the employee's performance and if it does not improve accordingly, the company has sufficient grounds for his termination. Be brief and clear during the termination meeting, stating the reasons for his termination, which should be evident from his negative reviews and prior warnings.

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The termination process should be backed by documented evidence of any negative performance reviews and prior warnings that the employee received. Always empathize with the employee's situation, but make it clear that the firing decision is irreversible. Avoid arguing with the terminated employee, as he is feeling bad and may even get angry. During the termination meeting, provide the employee with all necessary information such as his severance package, when to expect his last paycheck, his insurance benefits and his unemployment options. It is advisable to instruct the employee to leave immediately, but allow him to come back later and collect any personal items under supervision. Having a witness in the room during a termination meeting is essential so as to protect the company from any lawsuits that may arise out of false accusations.

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