What Are Some Fingerprinting Service Providers in Massachusetts?

What Are Some Fingerprinting Service Providers in Massachusetts?

Fingerprinting services in Massachusetts include IdentoGO, Certifix Livescan and Mills Fingerprint Services. IdentoGO and Certifix Livescan offer fingerprinting services in several locations throughout the state. Mills Fingerprint Services has a single location in Boston.

IdentoGO produces fingerprint cards that are often required by government agencies in the immigration and law enforcement sectors. Individuals can also obtain fingerprint cards for personal records. An appointment is required to schedule a fingerprinting session; the company collects the prints digitally and prints them onto a standard fingerprint card.

Certifix Livescan specializes in live scan fingerprinting, which involves using inkless technology to deliver digital fingerprints to federal agencies.

Individuals applying for positions at the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Department of Justice use companies such as Certifix Livescan to complete a required criminal background check. To begin the process on CertifixLivescan.com, visit the How It Works page and print and fill out a Request for Live Scan form. Applicants must provide personal details such as Social Security number, date of birth and gender. Applicants must bring three copies of the form to the appointment and a valid photo identification. The company offers a mobile service that travels to various locations upon request.

Mills Fingerprint Service assists businesses and government agencies. It employs trained fingerprint technicians to conduct fingerprinting at its location in Boston.