Is Finding a Job After Retirement Hard?


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Finding a job after retirement is harder than finding one during earlier working years. While the unemployment rate is lower for older workers, finding a new job takes longer than it does for workers in their 20s or 30s. There are some exceptions to this, however, with several industries hiring older workers at higher rates than others. These jobs for older workers includes personal aides, financial advisers, pharmacists, social workers and religious workers.

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Jobs for those who have already retired are generally flexible in nature. Hours are set by the worker and are typically part-time. Jobs for older workers are also easy to succeed at physically. Many positions require technical know-how, however, and may even need a return to school to achieve the necessary qualifications. A position as a pharmacist, for example, needs years of additional schooling.

Finding work after retirement often involves a change in industries. Though earlier work experience is a plus, a new career track is usually necessary. To cut down on search time for a new position, retirees should begin looking as soon as they retire. Gaps in resumes make managers question worker ability. It also helps to use previously established networks to search for work.

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