What Are Some Financing Options Through Wells Fargo Dealer Services?


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Financing options available through Wells Fargo Dealer Services include local funding for auto loans, broad credit spectrum financing, and Guaranteed Asset Protection to safeguard collateral in the event of complete insurance loss. The program also allows consumers to participate in flexible lending agreements that can include differing terms, interest rates and payment requirements according to individual situations, as of 2016.

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Wells Fargo Dealer Services is an automotive lending branch of the Wells Fargo financial institution that helps auto dealers offer consumers a wide range of purchasing options during the sale of vehicles, all of which hinge on taking out a loan with the organization. When a dealer enters in a partnership with Wells Fargo Dealer Services, it is able to integrate with its financial systems and quickly provide potential buyers with financing options through its CreditRevue program. In essence, the dealer gains access to the lending power and privileges of a bank without having to establish itself as such or directly create contracts with buyers.

After a buyer submits to a credit and financial review, she receives a quote for the amount of money she can borrow from Wells Fargo and the interest rates she needs to pay on the loan. The service allows borrowers to work with lending agents to find the most appropriate agreement, changing terms and allowing customers to offer more collateral or accept different interest rates as necessary.

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