How Do You Find a Financial Advisor?

To find a financial adviser, first decide what type of adviser you need, research potential candidates online and by asking friends, and select an adviser who meets your needs. Before hiring the adviser, discuss how she gets paid and what you want from her.

  1. Decide what you need

    Decide whether you're looking for an adviser to create a financial plan for you to follow, an accountant for tax issues, a professional to review your retirement portfolio or an adviser to fill some other need. Use this information to talk with friends, family and other trusted referral sources to create a list of potential advisers.

  2. Research candidates

    Research the potential candidates, and find out what their specialties are. If any candidate has a specialty that isn't what you're seeking, remove her from the list. Set up an interview with the remaining potential candidates. Explain what you're looking for to each candidate, and have her explain how she can help you achieve your goals.

  3. Select a candidate, and discuss payment

    Select a financial adviser that meets your needs and seems trustworthy. Discuss the adviser's payment requirements upfront. Most financial advisers work on a commission basis, but others require a flat fee or charge fees based on assets. Once the details are finalized, you can start working together.