How Do You Find Finance and Stock Market News?

Finance and stock market news are available on business and finance websites such as CNNMoney, CNBC and Bloomberg. U.S. stock market indices such as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500, as well as world market indices are also available on these websites. The CNNMoney website, for example, features real time stock market quotes from the S&P and Nasdaq, and 2-minute delayed quotes from the Dow, according to the website.

CNNMoney, Bloomberg and CNBC websites usually feature the top and most current finance and stock market news on their homepage. These websites also feature articles and opinions from expert analysts on business, finance and investments, as well as tips on managing business and investments.

The following shows one simple way of getting finance and stock market news through the CNBC website.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type into a search bar and press Enter. By default, the browser will open the U.S. homepage of CNBC. To go to the International edition website, simply click on Home on the upper menu bar and tick International, notes CNBC.

  3. Access the news
  4. The CNBC homepage already shows the latest finance news, but to select finance news from a particular category, mouse over the News option. Select and click on the category on the submenu that appears.

  5. Access stock market news
  6. Select and click on the Markets option on the menu bar.