How Do You Fill Out a Workman's Comp Waiver Form?


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Waiver of benefits forms and requirements for workman's comp, officially known as Worker's Compensation, vary by state, explains the National Council on Compensation Insurance, or NCCI. Florida's Chief Financial Office requires a written Notice of Election to be Exempt, while Utah's Labor Commission allows online applications with a fee of $50, as of 2015. Both states allow corporate or LLC officers to apply, as well as independent contractors. The NCCI has state-by-state information available online and by phone.

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Many states offer a workman's comp waiver system similar to Florida. The eligibility requirements for worker's compensation waivers differ according to the nature of the job and the company, explains the U.S. Department of Labor. Independent contractors and sole owners/proprietors often qualify for voluntary waivers. Officers of construction industry corporations or LLC's must be 10-percent owners to qualify for waivers, and no more than three officers may qualify at any one time. Officers of corporations not involved in construction have no ownership requirements or limits on the number of officers that may qualify, though officers in non-construction LLC's must still have a 10-percent ownership stake to qualify for a worker's comp waiver. Other states may require workers to mail forms such as Indiana's WCE-1 or Utah's WCCW to the Department of Revenue or equivalent state office.

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